So when is Verizon's iPhone 4 release date?

So whats the verdict?

Millions of iPhone lovers who were expecting to hear about the launch of the Verizon compatible iphone and the white iPhone 4 were left hugely disappointed yesterday when Apple ended its event without any mention about these two devices.

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage, people thought that he would make some announcement or give a hint regarding the release of these devices, but Jobs did not talk about these devices and the wait turned into agony and then into disappointment.

Yesterday's no announcement means that people waiting for the launch of the iphone on Verizon network may have to wait for some more time. Several websites reported that the test phones are ready but Apple is yet to produce millions of commercial ones that will go on sale within days of release.

A recent survey revealed that a third of AT&T consumers are willing to switch to Verizon if the iphone becomes available on the network carrier. The survey showed that 2 out of 5 people are ready to change their network carrier if the iphone goes on Verizon.

But Apple's yesterday event which was held in San Francisco saw the release of several new products like the new iPod Touch 4G, the iTunes 10 download, Apple TV and the new iOS 4.1. Traditionally, Apple has used the September event to launch new iPod and the Cupertino-based firm followed the tradition this year as well by unveiling new iPod in the music-based event. So all you iPhone lovers get hooked to the new products and enjoy them before Apple launches the Verizon iPhone and white iPhone 4.

Final thought:

Something else to think about: if the iPhone (presumably the iPhone 4) is coming to Verizon, does it mean the iPad will too? Perhaps Apple really did intend to use the 3G iPad as a parting gift for AT&T - on top of giving them a few months exclusive on the iPhone 4. Remember, the iPhone on Verizon doesn't mean it won't be on AT&T too, it just means it won't exclusively be there anymore. Apple still has to maintain a relationship with AT&T going forward as they will continue to be an important partner regardless. (Chang-lanewsmonitor)